Our programs are run by the best qualified staff with experience in working with specific industries. Group classes are cyclical, while individual lessons are tailored to the client's and teacher's time capabilities.


Every profession and specialization has its own rules. In cooperation with the best methodologies and educators, we have created original curricula corresponding to the current demand on the labor market in specific areas. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the knowledge and experience that we share with you are of the highest quality. We are constantly working on improving and adapting it to current changes in the language market.

Solutions for education

Traditional education is currently undergoing a revolution. We are happy about it! We believe that only change can bring development and lead us to make our dreams come true. However, we believe that it should take place in a safe atmosphere, with a specific action plan. Bearing in mind the above, we offer you a special offer for nurseries, kindergartens, other educational institutions and for use during home schooling.
We propose to create a space that gives the opportunity to develop the talents of the Young Man, his interests and personality. Below you will find innovative teaching programs that, with our help, will help children learn a foreign language from an early age, and will also improve their skills in the field of: art, sports, music, social skills, learning about the world or natural sciences.
For the most demanding customers (and institutions), we propose to create a profiled curriculum that takes maximum account of individual needs and interests - for this purpose, please contact us via booking a meeting.
Details on the implementation of classes and the price are set individually, depending on the needs of the facility / individual client.