About the Academy

Who we are

   We are the first Branch Academy of Foreign Language Teaching in Poland. We are giving you a completely new, innovative product on the market - education far from the pressure and well-established patterns, and based on an individual approach and adapted to the lives of each of us.

   We provide the highest quality educational services in an exceptionally accessible and friendly form at favorable prices. We are sure that through cooperation with the best qualified staff, our clients will professionally create changes in their professional life and broaden their qualifications. We try to treat all clients on a partnership basis, in a holistic manner, thanks to which we create a unique atmosphere for work - a feature that distinguishes us.
   We look at changes (especially those on the labor market) with hope and joy - we are not afraid of them, because we know that by basing them on strong foundations - values such as professionalism, honesty and passion - we add our tiny fraction to building a better world. We are convinced that each of them, despite pulling us out of the comfort zone, is an opportunity to enter a whole new level of life.

   Based on these assumptions, we want to strive with commitment to achieve the leading position on the market of modern education and the development of innovation in the country.