Values and methodology

What makes us stand out?

   In line with our motto "We create the future with change" we are revolutionizing the language teaching market in Poland. Through a completely new approach to education, our clients will gain new opportunities and will be able to grow faster. The main assumption is that active work based on harmony and security, in a specialized structure, will allow you to acquire new competences, as necessary today in the labor market as knowledge of foreign languages.

Our values:

How do we work?

   The effects of our joint work are seen from the very beginning. Each client is treated individually so as to be able to best meet his expectations. Therefore, even before the start of education there are conversations with teachers and methodologists who will choose the offer ideally suited to the needs.
   Our teaching methods are based on proprietary programs and exercises, maximizing the knowledge and experience of practitioners who conduct classes - this allows for actual preparation for independent use of the language in their natural professional conditions. Our teachers are specialists in their fields, thanks to which they can easily assess what is most important in the learning process.
   Classes are held in two ways - in a group and individually. Thanks to this clear division, the client can make the most of his study time and adapt it to his needs. In addition, during 1: 1 classes, the teacher has the ability to focus even better on one person - which allows achieving more satisfying results.