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Pharmacy program

In the last article, we wrote about the enormous importance of MEDICINE and why it is one of the areas in which we have prepared the training. An area that is unlike any other connected with MEDICINE is PHARMACY, i.e. a team of drug science. Pharmaceutical sciences have always been associated with very demanding higher studies and ...

Medicine program

The programs we present could not, of course, be without MEDICINE. Due to the fact that we focus on certain professions of an uncertain future, we have created a dedicated curriculum for the medical industry. It is said that health is the most important thing! And it really is! We think so too! The father of medicine is Hippocrates. Medicine is a field known since antiquity. …

IT program

Another industry that we propose in our curriculum is one that has developed in recent years not only at the fastest pace, but also in the most effective way. It can be said that the IT industry is the future of the future! Although it sounds unconventional, and for some even irrational, it is ...

Construction program

The construction industry in Poland is still an undeveloped fragment of the market. This is an area where there is always a demand for civil engineers. This is due to the fact that a lot is being built in our country, and the investments fuel the rapid development of the industry. Construction on a micro scale generates a lot of jobs, so the directions ...

Today we present another industry in the field of which we train - TSL. Transport! Shipping! Logistics! It is an industry that has experienced significant development in the current difficult times, which limit the freedom of economic activity. The development of the broadly understood Logistics in times of the pandemic has shown that this industry provides professional security. That is why it is worth developing in this ...

Law Program

We know very well that security is a very important element in both private and professional life. There are several determinants of safety, and one of the key ones is the law, which sets patterns of behavior that should be respected by the society and defines the rules of responsibility for their violation. The legal department is a guarantee of security in every company ...

We are very pleased to announce that today the e-book "Safe Style. Safe." Is premiered. How to feel confident and attractive? Stories of successful women "by Beata Syktus, which is available at https://sklepbeatasyktus.pl, in which we were awarded as the Language of Change Industry School of Foreign Languages and Niedźwiadkowo, which uses the curriculum in full ...

Program Sales

SALE is the basis of any business, and effective sales are the driving force behind its development! Effective sale consists of several stages. The first is to say hello, the next is to examine the needs and present the product, then smoothly move to close and end the sale. A very important element is to build a relationship and a common language with ...