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We create the future with change
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We adapt to the requirements
We offer both remote work and stationary classes
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We meet expectations
Classes are conducted on the basis of original teaching programs, designed for specific sectors of the labor market
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Education different than before
We offer work in accordance with the thematic curricula for education and individual clients
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There is no better combination than passion and work! This is how one of the curricula for education was created. We are talking about the "Language and Travel" program, in which, during classes with the youngest, we share knowledge in an unconventional way, using our own experiences and memories. Using all possible tools for this. From …

If you are a foreigner? Would you like to learn the Polish language and our culture? Then this article and the proposed curriculum is just for you! Using the Polish language as the mother tongue in everyday life, we do not think about whether it is a language that is difficult for foreigners to learn. Sometimes even being ...

Education program

Development support is in our DNA! That is why we have prepared a special program aimed at students of the eighth grades of primary schools. We offer two programs to prepare students for Polish or modern language exams. We train in grammar, literature, language studies, listening, reading and writing, and even though the exam does not verify ...

Hospitality program

By following the map! Passing TOURISM and GASTRONOMY, in our adventure we reach the HOTEL MANAGEMENT! Completing the industry hattrick, and in combination with language learning, giving countless possibilities. “The hotel industry is a socially organized service activity consisting in providing hospitality to visitors. Satisfies the need for rest, food, accommodation, hygiene, health and property care, ...

Gastronomy program

Eating stimulates the senses, satisfies a physiological need, but most of all gives a lot of joy! The nature that surrounds us, combined with the finesse of people, create delicious dishes, and their diversity allows you to hit everyone's tastes. We know what good taste is! As freshly baked sweets, we present a program prepared from carefully selected ingredients ...

Tourism program

We prepare comprehensively for work in the TOURISM sector. It can be said colloquially that TOURISM refers to all activities of people who travel and stay for leisure, business or other purposes for no longer than a year without a break outside their place of residence. The task of TOURISM is to make dreams come true! Because who does not dream of visiting beautiful and ...

Real Estate Program

The real estate industry is on its feet and doing well! Nowadays it is very easy to observe the development of the infrastructure that surrounds us. The new housing estates built around fill the landscape and this trend will continue, and the technological development in this area will change the functionality of living in our own "four walls" in the future. …

Dentistry program

In weekly cycles, we present industries for which we have prepared dedicated teaching programs. Moving in the area of health care, the area that we want to present today is DENTISTRY. Because who does not want a dazzling, seductive and snow-white smile? They say that a smile helps in life, and thus also a positive attitude. Always …