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A graduate of the University of Management and Banking in Poznań and the State Higher School of Stanisław Wojciechowski in Kalisz in the fields of: business management and public administration. In Language of Change she is a Project Manager - responsible for the coordination of organizational work related to language classes and the first contact with the client. Always well prepared, she will be happy to answer all questions and take care of the smallest detail.

Native English speaker, educator with almost ten years of professional experience. A graduate of P.S. Elementary School in New York and the University of Białystok in the field of English philology. She gained professional experience, among others educating public administration employees at the European Commission, as well as people on active military service in the NATO armed forces in Brussels. She specializes in practical language learning in the field of finance, law and marketing.

Chartered teacher, CKE examiner, academic lecturer at NKJO in Łowicz. A graduate of Realabendschule in Remscheid and the University of Lodz in the field of German philology. She managed international projects in the field of tourism, gastronomy and hospitality. She specializes in teaching language in the field of management, sales and preparation for certification and state exams.

A graduate of the University of Philology in Wrocław in the field of German Philology (focusing on methodology) and Spanish (business and tourism). She has pedagogical qualifications to conduct classes at all levels of advancement. She specializes in teaching language in the field of tourism and preparation for certification and state exams.

A teacher with ten years of experience. A graduate of the Faculty of Modern Languages at the University of Warsaw in the field of German philology. Since 2015, she has been educating employees of all levels of enterprise management in the field of construction, occupational health and safety and foreign trade. She specializes in teaching language in the field of modern construction techniques, planning, transport and logistics.

English and Spanish teacher, entrepreneur, educator. A graduate of the Academy of Special Education, Institute of Applied Psychology and the Academy of Film and Television. Creator of the first Academy of Fashion for Children in Poland. In her classes, she uses both interactive and analog elements, ensuring comprehensive development combined with active language learning for children and teenagers.

A graduate of the Pedagogical University of National Education Commission in Krakow in the field of German philology with a focus on German in business. She gained extensive professional experience working, among others as a teacher in Göttingen (Germany) and in Armatis LC, Rayanair airlines as Supervisor and internal trainer in the field of customer service. She specializes in teaching the language in the field of sales, management and HR and actively promoting German language learning in social media.

A graduate of the University of Wrocław in the field of Polish philology and history with a teaching specialization. Active teacher in a public primary school. Works with students at all educational levels. In her classes, she focuses on interactivity, communication and learning through experience. During her lessons, she most appreciates the possibility of building relationships with students, thanks to which they take part in them more willingly and learn new issues with pleasure.

Native Spanish speaker from Mexico. A graduate of Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas in Puerto Vallarta in the field of business management, certified TEFL teacher. For over two years, he has been actively teaching children and adults of all levels of English and Spanish. In working with the youngest, he focuses on developing team skills in order to build interpersonal skills from an early age, also using new technologies.

A graduate of the State Higher School in Biała Podlaska in the field of computer science and the University of Banking in Warsaw in the field of enterprise management. Academic lecturer, programming and robotics trainer, teacher. Creator of proprietary computer science teaching programs for children and adults. He conducts innovative IT classes (Scratch, AppInventor, Ozoboty, Phyton) and engineering workshops (creating instruments, cities of the future) for children and youth from 6 years of age.



Native Spanish speaker from Paraguay. A graduate of the American University of Ciudad del Este. For almost four years, an active teacher of all levels of proficiency, both in Poland and abroad. During the classes he uses modern, interactive and traditional methods. She pays special attention to oral communication and the transfer of not only knowledge, but also traditions, customs and approach to learning in her native country. She runs the Language for a Toddler module, intended for children from 3 years of age.