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  1. Great attention to detail and quality of the services offered. The curriculum took into account all the company's needs and allowed the three employees to improve their language skills (initial level A2 / B1, final level B2). The teacher is always well prepared, working on the basis of a plan, thanks to which everyone knew how we would work and what to expect. I recommend the services of the Industry Academy for Teaching Foreign Languages to all those who focus on professional services, provided in a great atmosphere.

  2. An individual curriculum prepared together with a methodologist and teacher allowed me to return to the profession in a systematic way. After a long break (over 3 years), I managed to return to the B2 level in two months of intensive classes (3 times a week) and today I talk freely with clients. It is worth noting that the logistics sector is still developing and, especially, the vocabulary is constantly changing. Teachers are up-to-date with everything, which helps me learn topical issues.

  3. German teachers perfectly prepared for classes! They know the realities of Polish and foreign companies. They have experience working in a corporation, thanks to which they know what its specificity is. I went from A2 to B2 + in less than 3 months and I am still continuing my lessons. Great organization of classes and very interesting materials. I recommend!

  4. I was under great stress for Language of Change because my previous teacher had left me two months before the certification exam. I was desperate that I would not have enough time to prepare. Together with the methodologist and teacher, we developed an action plan that included intensive repetition, catching up, and we did it! Result above 90%! Classes were held in the PREMIUM module, 5 times a week for 2 months. The time and pace of the classes were adjusted to me without any problems. In crisis situations, only "Language of change"! They will really change the future! And without stress, because both the methodologist and the teacher are calm and give the feeling that they know what they are doing! I would highly recommend!!

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