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Traditional education is currently undergoing a revolution. We are happy about it! We believe that only change can bring development and lead us to make our dreams come true. However, we believe that it should take place in a safe atmosphere, with a specific action plan. Bearing in mind the above, we offer you a special offer for nurseries, kindergartens, other educational institutions and for use during home schooling.
We propose to create a space that gives the opportunity to develop the talents of the Young Man, his interests and personality. Below you will find innovative teaching programs that, with our help, will help children learn a foreign language from an early age, and will also improve their skills in the field of: art, sports, music, social skills, learning about the world or natural sciences.
For the most demanding customers (and institutions), we propose to create a profiled curriculum that takes maximum account of individual needs and interests - for this purpose, please contact.
Details on the implementation of classes and the price are set individually, depending on the needs of the facility / individual client.

Workshops for children 1-3 years old

We have knowledge, experience and a great will to act with future generations, which is why we have created special teaching workshops that stimulate the imagination of the youngest and encourage them to think logically. We know that during this period, children absorb knowledge in a unique and unrepeatable way, and their development is visible to the naked eye.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the workshops for the youngest. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the learning modules.

Language and IT

The sector of new technologies is inextricably linked with foreign languages. Technological innovations are very interesting, and the possibility of programming and creating applications stimulates the imagination, and the created works motivate for further learning and development. It is worth mentioning that IT is developing at a "light" pace. It is worth building a passion in children, which may turn out to be their way of life in the future.

IT is the future. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the training modules:


Our offer includes group workshops during which, depending on the module, we develop language skills by learning interesting historical issues or develop creativity. We are also open to creating thematic workshops using the ideas of our stakeholders.

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