About the Academy

Who we are

Language of Change is a place that was created with a passion for learning foreign languages.

It is a place where we create the future through change.

"Science is magic that really works" - Kurt Vonnegut.

Using our magical powers, we sew curricula for the 21st century like a tailor. We are sacrificing ourselves today to ensure a certain tomorrow. We care about the development of competences, shaping the generations that will have the features necessary in Europe of the future.
We have prepared unique and innovative curricula that, apart from learning foreign languages, shape professionally. We care about the development of key competences such as innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, while building self-confidence. As a baker, we select properly balanced ingredients to finally taste the success of our pupils who, apart from knowing new languages, come out richer with valuable experiences, new skills and knowledge, and often even a new passion.
Life is in our hands. Today, we are saving our future with our choices. A future that has expectations. Thanks to today's decisions, we can meet these expectations, thanks to the programs that we have prepared. Knowing what this future will bring. We are up to date, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Remember, the future starts today, be up to date and take care of the future of your loved ones.