Prepare for School Program

Constantly and invariably, every year, Parents, Guardians and Children 5- and 6-year-old face a huge challenge. The challenge of starting school at school. It is a new experience that will accompany the Children for many years. And with what attitude, this adventure will begin, largely depends on mental and substantive preparation.

It is safe to say that it is a revolution for both Parents and Children! A revolution for which you have to prepare to turn it into an adventure full of positive experiences, stimulate the imagination, turn science into oceans and sail through them with a smile, discovering new islands that hide knowledge.

To make this difficult task easier, we offer support in the form of preparatory classes before starting education in the 1st grade. For this purpose, we have created a dedicated program "Preparing for school", under which we use elements of speech therapy, aimed at improving the motor skills of speech organs, and even correcting speech defects, improving the linguistic, respiratory and phonological functions, building active and passive vocabulary, developing alternative communication behaviors and removing disturbances in the communication process.

We also use elements of hand therapy aimed at improving the work of hands and their manual activities, the so-called fine motor skills. During the classes, we focus on exercises developing the child's general mobility, with particular emphasis on improving the area of ​​the hands.

We teach reading using the simultaneous-sequential method. During the classes, children learn syllables which are given meaning, thanks to which the process of remembering the material becomes easier. This method is not only an effective way of acquiring reading comprehension skills, but also for some children the only way to start building a phonetic-phonological system. The effectiveness of the technique depends on its application in its entirety, without introducing voting, spelling and other techniques of familiarizing the child with the script.

In simple words, it can be safely said that during the classes we teach writing, counting and, above all, logical thinking, we develop goal-oriented skills and the ability to focus on the task.

Classes are held once a week, are conducted in a group of up to 3 people or individually, last 50 minutes, and can be conducted in both Polish and a foreign language of your choice.

We sincerely encourage you to take part in the classes to facilitate the start in learning and eliminate the stress of the Child and the Parents.














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