Language for the Toddler

Life would be boring were it not for the interests and passions that make you realize and fulfill yourself. We spread our passion from an early age. Because our passion is science, there is no better connection?

We know very well that preschool age is a key period in the life of every child. This is the time when children learn the most and the fastest. We can say that until the age of 6, a child learns in a unique and intense way through an absorbing mind. Their mind is like a sponge that absorbs knowledge like water through external stimuli. They are curious about the reality that surrounds them, and we have the knowledge of how to effectively convey this learning, thanks to which we support their development.

Using this knowledge, we went straight to action and created the "Language for the Toddler" program, which is based on active communication, interest in the world around us and learning through independent experiences. Work done today will bear fruit in the next life, so it is worth investing in the development of your children and enjoying the effects of learning together.

We conduct classes online at any frequency for 30 minutes to use the period of maximum concentration, while stimulating perceptiveness. It is a great alternative to watching cartoons.

During the classes we use elements of Maria Montessori's theory. Because we also believe that each child is different and should develop according to individual development plans. These plans contain opportunities, competences and skills that enable independent and effective learning.

We use various accessories surrounding the Child during classes, putting emphasis on active communication and familiarization with the language.

Our team consists of qualified teachers who love working with children. They teach by smiling using techniques that encourage learning. We practice concentration and logical thinking, knowledge is waiting on the horizon, and we encourage you to go on this journey with us!













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