Polish Language Program for Foreigners

If you are a foreigner? Would you like to learn the Polish language and our culture? Then this article and the proposed curriculum is just for you!

Using the Polish language as the mother tongue in everyday life, we do not think about whether it is a language that is difficult for foreigners to learn. Sometimes, even when we witness such a situation, we are amused when a person from abroad pronounces a given word correctly. However, it should be remembered that we also make similar mistakes when learning a foreign language. Is Polish really so complicated for foreigners?

For native Poles, it is often difficult to learn, while for people from other countries, with a different culture, learning our mother tongue is like a trip to Mount Everest. Complicated variations by chance have a decisive influence on the level of difficulty. Polish spelling and difficult pronunciation also cause many problems for foreigners.

Basic difficulties in learning a foreign language occur in the case of mastering any foreign language. Having extensive experience in the field of programming foreign language learning, we have prepared classes in the field of learning the most commonly used vocabulary in everyday life, conversations in private time and in basic professional situations.

We educate in correspondence, personal presentation, and, importantly, we professionally prepare for certification exams.

We invite you to travel to your very own Mount Everest with  https://languageofchange.pl/.


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