Language and Art Program

Artistic classes give the opportunity to develop skills and interests, and in combination with learning foreign languages, they allow for development in these areas in a natural way. It can be said that exercises during classes significantly help to shape the characteristics in the child's psyche, such as sensitivity to beauty, imagination, sense of aesthetics, visual memory, creativity, patience and manual dexterity, as well as semantic memory, supporting concentration, or the ability to express invention creative and emotion.

Art classes are definitely one of the most favorite creative activities of Children of all ages. Discovering the world through art is an ideal basis for the development of creativity and self-expression. Combined with learning foreign languages, it is a great adventure that will result in the discovery of new talents.

With the development of young talents in mind, together with specialists, we have created a unique curriculum called "Language and Art". As part of the program, we offer activities combining elements of various art and learning a foreign language. It is an interesting combination in which we use elements of Maria Montessori's art therapy and pedagogy, which perfectly harmonize with sensory integration classes, putting great emphasis on improving the ability to analyze and process information by the senses, which are key to getting to know the world around them.

During classes, during which manual skills are developed, various types of accessories are used, such as paints, pastels, plasticine, play dough, crayons, decorative elements and many, many others, aimed at stimulating the children's imagination.

What Children like the most are thematic lessons such as Hello Spring, Teacher's Day, Fireman's Day and many more.

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