Language and Movement Program

By creating curricula, we combine business with pleasure!

And not only we get this pleasure, but most of all our pupils.

We select teaching techniques in such a way that learning becomes a pleasure, and the tools used develop not only language learning skills, but also other areas.

It is often said that health is the most important because when there is health, there is also well-being.

In our Academy, we care about the well-being of our youngest students. With them in mind, we have created the "Language and Movement" program, which, apart from learning the language, also develops motor skills.

"Language and Movement" is a program designed for young athletes, who are characterized by a huge amount of energy and interest in the body. Physical activity is a factor that shapes the body and its functions.

It is worth realizing that physical activity develops muscle endurance and strength, resulting in better performance of daily activities. It has a positive effect on the body by reducing the level of stress, and also affects a much better quality of sleep.

Everyone who has a child knows perfectly well that Children have so much energy that they could easily give it to several adults and at the same time are always willing to do any activity, as long as there would be no boredom. There is no boredom in our program and you don't have to worry about it. In order to use this potential, we combine the issues of learning a foreign language with the development of physical fitness through gymnastic and sports classes.

In the program, we use, among others, the theory of Veronica Sherborne. This method uses body language, i.e. a movement that allows communication despite the difference in the spoken language or the intellectual level of the interlocutors. The main assumptions of this method are developing awareness of your own body and environment, improving the motor sphere, sharing space with other people and establishing close contact using both movement and touch. Moreover, the activities conducted with this method stimulate the emotional, social and cognitive development of the child.

To avoid boredom, during the classes we use various accessories such as artistic ribbons, balls, scarves, soft obstacles and etc. The items used stimulate the imagination, and everyone will find something for themselves.

What is very interesting for children is the fact that they often get to know new, different sports.

We develop fine motor skills, improve motor efficiency, strengthen muscles and shape the correct posture, practice exercises that support concentration, speed, which is an important element in sport, but we also teach mobility and learning about the possibilities of our own body.

We practice, practice and we are constantly on the move! Move along with




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