Language and Travel Program

There is no better combination than passion and work!

This is how one of the curricula for education was created.

We are talking about the "Language and Travel" program, in which, during classes with the youngest, we share knowledge in an unconventional way, using our own experiences and memories.

Using all possible tools for this. From photos, calendars, movies, recorded music to souvenirs brought from different parts of the world or memories. During the classes, we travel through many countries and learn about different cultures. From African to European to Latin American. We are Worlders!

We show places and the world as it is, without retouching it, to stimulate the imagination and wake up dreams!

As part of the "Language and travels" program, we offer classes in the field of getting to know the elements of the travel world related to learning foreign languages. After all, there is nothing better than a journey through various corners of the world and the ability to communicate with the civilization of a given region.

Based on real experiences, we provide knowledge about the cultures and traditions of other countries on different continents. Lessons are always organized thematically, one month of study is one continent to be visited, and each class introduces a new country.

Importantly, these are active classes during which exercises are organized to support spatial orientation and imagination.

We invite you to travel with our Academy!




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