Tourism program

We prepare comprehensively for work in the TOURISM sector.

It can be said colloquially that TOURISM refers to all activities of people who travel and stay for leisure, business or other purposes for no longer than a year without a break outside their place of residence.

The task of TOURISM is to make dreams come true! Because who does not dream of visiting beautiful and charming corners of this world?

It is one of the few industries in which knowledge of foreign languages is required as a basis for functioning. By combining elements of customer service, accounting, logistics, and often also medicine and applicable law.

The current situation related to the pandemic in the area of TOURISM does not make it easier to enjoy the charms it can give from itself. We are hopeful and believe that soon everything will return to normal.

We are ready to comprehensively prepare future employees of the tourism sector.

During the classes, we train in the field of customer service, commercial presentation of offers and running a business, as well as sales negotiations. We build the ability to create and conclude contracts, as well as to settle and report the status of the business.

A very interesting topic of the classes is to familiarize students with world geography and popular holiday destinations, during which we develop competence in the field of tour guidance. What is important in territorial activities is the ability to provide first aid in a foreign country, which is a very important element of the training.

Anticipating unexpected situations, we also teach about the procedures of returning to the country in case of emergency, taking into account legal elements.

We develop competences to build relationships with clients and conduct correspondence.

We encourage you to throw yourself into the vortex of traveling with us!





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