Language and history

The main area of extracurricular activities, apart from learning a foreign language, is delving into historical issues. Thematic classes stimulating the imagination are conducted with the full involvement of its participants, and the selected issues are interesting, thanks to which the whole group actively and with interest participates in them.

We encourage you to take part in extracurricular activities and choose a topic from the list below:


1. How much truth is there in Asterix and Obelix?

Course: meeting with a Roman legionnaire, a clever Gall, who will visit children in costumes and talk about themselves, presentation of weapons and everyday objects, artwork consisting in matching a part of the outfit to the figure of a Roman legionnaire.


2. In the bulkhead and on the outskirts.

Course: learning about the different buildings and castle buildings, learning about the medieval life in the castles, building a model of the castle.


3. In the medieval scriptorium.

Course: learning about the process of creating books in the Middle Ages, learning the secrets of illumination with the use of dyes, calligraphy classes, art classes (decorative creating a sheet of handmade paper.


4. Storytelling of the saga and old instruments.

Course: stories in the past and today, a real story by the fire (artificial fire - harmless!), learning about music and instruments from previous eras, a mini concert of early music.


5. Jewelery and molding.

Course: learning about medieval jewelry techniques, making and personally decorating bronze jewelry.


6. Ceramic workshops.

Course: learning about the process of creating dishes, handmade production.


7. Greece and Rome from the kitchen.

Course: learning about the ancient culture of Greece and Rome, customs and dishes, culinary workshops.



The cost of classes for a group of 9 people: PLN 450 gross

Duration of classes: 45 minutes - 60 minutes