Language and creativity

We offer additional classes that reveal hidden artistic skills, and at the same time develop manual skills and stimulate the imagination, creativity and knowledge. Students get a ready-made, tangible product and a unique, valuable experience. Classes are organized as workshops in a foreign language. There is no boredom in class!

Below are the proposed topics of the classes:


1. An inspiring and intriguing world of delicious fragrances.

Course: translating fragrances into colors and shapes, composing your own tea.


2. The colors of fall.

Course: positive associations with autumn, making notebooks.


3. Printable gift.

Course: design and hand-made reusable bags, learning about workshop graphics.


4. Others according to idea.

If you have an idea? We are happy to prepare a workshop on a selected topic.



The cost of classes for a group of 9 people: PLN 450 gross

Duration of classes: 45 minutes - 60 minutes