Introduction to programming for children aged 10-12 (1 year)

We support the development of future programmers and IT specialists. We have prepared for them during the annual course:


1 / Programming in Scratch language:

- creating your own games in Scratch, which is the best tool for teaching children the basics of programming. Scratch allows you to easily create interactive animations and games.


2 / Android platform:

- application development on the Android platform in the AppInventor environment.


3 / KODU Platform:

- creating 3D games. Students will also learn to use Microsoft's Kodu Game Lab software. Together with the Code, we teach the children the "If-Then" cause and effect sequences based on the list of tiles that are available to students. This paradigm provides a wide range of possibilities and engages the user to think logically so that each line can perform the desired task.


4 / Python platform:

- high-level general-purpose programming, with an extensive package of standard libraries, the guiding idea of which is readability and clarity of the source code. Its syntax is clear and concise. Python supports various programming paradigms: object oriented, imperative, and less functional.