Computer graphics (semester)

During the semester course, we will teach students the basics of computer graphics and design using:

1 / Canva is one of the most interesting web applications for creating various types of graphics. You can run it from any web browser and use it to create posters, images, presentations, slides, infographics, price lists, etc.

In Canva you will find functions responsible for adding photos, various types of shapes, text, videos or backgrounds to your designs. Also noteworthy is the rich database of templates that can be used.


2 / Photoshop is a professional and very popular raster graphics editing program with support for vector shapes and even 3D models. Its main applications include editing and processing of digital photography, creating graphics for the Internet, printing and many more.

Photoshop gives the user the ability to create professional and extremely effective designs, consisting of an almost unlimited number of layers, masks, high-resolution graphics, neatly combined with each other through a wide range of filters and effects.


During the course, we will also train you to prepare graphics for printing or publication on the Internet.