Annual support for educational institutions

Education in the 21st century requires Directors and Teachers to constantly improve their qualifications as well as professional development and adapting to new situations. Therefore, we invite you to enter the process of supporting educational institutions in the field of updating / increasing knowledge and practical skills in the field of comprehensive support for the work of a school / institution, in the field of shaping key competences of students on the educational path.


The support process assumes:

- diagnosis of needs and problems,

- establishing a detailed work plan for the entire school year with an emphasis on the indicated areas for work,

- substantive training,

- individual consultations,

- work monitoring,

- stocktaking meetings to draw conclusions.


Everything is conducted by a certified Trainer for Supporting Educational Institutions of the Ministry of National Education. Upon completion, the facility receives an official certificate of completion of the process, and teachers and participants receive documents confirming participation in the process and training.


The offer is addressed to both public and non-public institutions (at all levels).