Language and natural sciences

Learning by experiencing and getting to know the world around us is one of the simplest and the most effective methods of teaching children. Empirical cognition stimulates all the senses and allows us to learn about the cause and effect sequences occurring in nature. We decided to combine an experimental approach to discovering the world with the practical learning of a foreign language.

As part of the program LANGUAGE AND NATURAL SCIENCES, we offer classes in the following scope:

  • classes combining elements of natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, geography) and learning a foreign language,
  • application of, among others Maria Montessori's theory,
  • accessories used: test tubes, dishes, measuring cups, beakers, flasks, stimulating boards and others,
  • learning the basic laws of nature through attractive experiences (safe experiments),
  • developing logical thinking skills,
  • exercises to support goal orientation, orientation in the field, sensitivity to ecology and caring for nature.