Language and music

Today's acoustic environment is incredibly intense and diverse. We are subjected to countless auditory stimuli. It is very important to sensitize the youngest to the beauty of music and show that communing with it can bring tangible effects on our well-being. Getting to know different musical genres develops our horizons, the use of soft accessories and instruments will stimulate all senses, and dancing or singing will satisfy the need to express yourself. With this knowledge, we have created a program combining both musical education and teaching a foreign language.

As part of the program LANGUAGE AND MUSIC, we offer classes in the following scope:

  • classes combining musical elements (playing instruments, dancing, singing) and learning a foreign language,
  • application of, among others Edwin Gordon's theory,
  • accessories used: Klanzy scarf, feathers, scarves, ribbons, soap bubbles, balls and others,
  • support with Orff instruments (rattles, sticks, tambourines, bells),
  • developing manual skills,
  • learning about different musical genres (thematic lessons),
  • exercises supporting concentration, hearing, sensitization to acoustics.