Language and emotions

A child's emotional development, like any other area of development, takes time. A young person learns to recognize them and react in various situations of his life - during contact with his family, with peers, independently. To better support this difficult work, the task of adults - parents, teachers and guardians - is to create a safe space in which the child can develop. Bearing the above in mind, we propose a program supporting the emotional development of the youngest, combined with active learning of a foreign language.

As part of the program LANGUAGE AND EMOTIONS, we offer classes in the following scope:

  • classes combining work with emotions and learning a foreign language,
  • application of, among others elements of Social Skills Training,
  • accessories used: work cards, theatrical props, improvisation, art accessories, teaching aids and others,
  • learning active listening, assertiveness, asking questions, initiating, conducting and maintaining a conversation,
  • expressing and responding to criticism,
  • saying and receiving compliments,
  • developing the ability to ask for help and provide help,
  • sensitizing to one's own and other people's needs,
  • exercises supporting concentration, feeling, recognizing one's own and others' emotions, developing emotional intelligence.