Language and art

Art classes are definitely one of the most favorite activities for children of all ages. Painting, drawing, coloring, sticking, pasting - these concepts are well known to every child. Discovering the world through art is an ideal basis for the development of creativity and self-expression. In combination with learning foreign languages, it can be a great adventure that will result in the discovery of new talents.

As part of the program LANGUAGE AND ART, we offer classes in the following scope:

  • classes combining elements of art and learning a foreign language,
  • application of, among others elements of art therapy and pedagogy by Maria Montessori,
  • accessories used: paints, pastels, plasticine, dough, crayons, decorative elements and others,
  • thematic lessons (e.g. welcoming spring, Teacher's Day),
  • developing manual skills,
  • exercises to support concentration, sensitization to beauty, the possibility of expressing creativity and emotions.