Language and travel

This program was created out of a passion for discovering the world in the most beautiful way possible - active journeys across all continents. Visiting countless countries, getting to know different cultures - from African, through European to Latin American, resulted in the willingness to transfer this knowledge and experiences to the youngest in an unconventional way - using real elements brought from different parts of the world, photos, films, music and memories.

As part of the LANGUAGE AND TRAVELS program, we offer classes in the following scope:

  • elements of getting to know the world through traveling and teaching a foreign language,
  • lessons based on real experiences from traveling around the world,
  • getting to know the culture of other countries / continents,
  • getting to know the culinary traditions of different countries,
  • accessories used: real souvenirs from different parts of the world, photos, films, music recordings and others,
  • thematic lessons (e.g. one month - one continent, a different country every day),
  • exercises supporting spatial orientation and imagination.