Language and movement

A program designed for young athletes who are characterized by a huge amount of energy and interest in the body. Physical activity is a factor that shapes the body and its functions. The "hunger for movement" present in children is an expression of the subconscious desire to satisfy this very important need, to provide the necessary factor that stimulates development. In childhood, motor skills are also developed - the child then acquires skills that are only perfect in the later stages of life. To make learning comprehensive and unique, we have created a program that will allow you to develop both the linguistic and physical competences of the Little Man.

As part of the program LANGUAGE AND MOVEMENT we offer classes in the following scope:

  • activities combining elements of movement (gymnastic and sports) and teaching a foreign language,
  • application of, among others Veronica Sherborne's theory,
  • accessories used: artistic ribbons, balls, scarves, soft obstacles and others,
  • getting to know various sports disciplines (if possible locally and technically),
  • developing fine motor skills, improving mobility, strengthening muscles and shaping the correct posture,
  • exercises to support concentration, speed, catching, flexibility, getting to know your own body.