This module is addressed to people who are just starting to work with a foreign language or want to consciously manage their professional development. It is a kind of vademecum, being the perfect preparation to take on new responsibilities. The START module is also a good basis before going to work abroad or when making first contact with foreign-language clients.

As part of the START, module, we offer classes in the following areas:

  • preparing documents necessary for the recruitment process (including CV and covering letter),
  • conducting e-mail correspondence,
  • preparation for job interview at various stages (including telephone interview, HR department or decision-makers),
  • personal presentation,
  • negotiations,
  • conversations during official company events,
  • conversations during business trips and in contacts with foreign-language clients.

Classes take place twice a week and are conducted in a group of up to 3 people (60 minutes) and individually (60 minutes). The total duration of the course is three months.

Cost of the START module: 1999 PLN *

* installment payment option.