A unique branch of medicine - today associated with modern technology and clean, glazed offices and aesthetics, it is gaining more and more success as one of the most frequently chosen professions by people at the threshold of their professional careers. It combines elements of medical, customer service and cooperation with subcontractors. More and more often, knowledge of a foreign language is required to be able to communicate with the patient and colleagues.

As part of the program DENTISTRY we offer classes in the following scope:

  • acquiring / expanding vocabulary and industry expressions,
  • direct contact with the patient,
  • contact with subcontractors (pharmaceutical companies),
  • cooperation with foreign-language staff.

Classes take place twice weekly and are conducted in a group of up to 3 people (60 minutes) and individually (60 minutes). The total duration of the program is three months. The language level is set individually.

Program cost: PLN 1,999 *

* installment payment option.