The main task of construction is the construction of new facilities. It also deals with the reconstruction, reconstruction, modernization and conservation of those that already exist. Working in this sector is therefore a huge challenge for its employees. In addition to highly specialized substantive education, a highly developed skill of logical thinking, analyzing and predicting the effects of decisions made is required. Usually, cooperation with investors and subcontractors takes place in a foreign language, which is why it is necessary to know it almost perfectly.

As part of the program CONSTRUCTION we offer classes in the following scope:

  • elements of team management,
  • keeping project documentation,
  • planning, scheduling, implementation and control,
  • creating and concluding contracts,
  • accounting and reporting,
  • ongoing verification and acceptance of subcontractors' works,
  • maintaining contact with investors and making receipts,
  • conducting correspondence.

Classes take place twice weekly, are conducted in a group of up to 3 people (60 minutes) and individually (60 minutes). The total duration of the program is six months. The language level is set individually.

Program cost: PLN 3,999 *

* installment payment option.