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We offer both remote work and stationary classes
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Classes are conducted on the basis of original teaching programs, designed for specific sectors of the labor market
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Constantly and invariably, every year, Parents, Guardians and Children 5- and 6-year-old face a huge challenge. The challenge of starting school at school. It is a new experience that will accompany the Children for many years. And with what attitude, this adventure will begin, largely depends on mental preparation ...

Language for the Toddler

Life would be boring were it not for the interests and passions that make you realize and fulfill yourself. We spread our passion from an early age. Because our passion is science, there is no better connection? We know very well that preschool age is a key period in the life of every child. This is the time when the children ...

Did you know that the word nature in Latin means nature? Nature is actually the reality that surrounds us, it is defined as the entire inorganic and organic material world, undergoing constant changes as a result of physical, chemical or biological phenomena and processes taking place within it, and the constant flow of energy and matter circulation between its ...

By combining people's passion with learning a foreign language, we have found a perfectly harmonious combination of language learning with the use of music. Music accompanies each of us every day, is positively perceived, calms, relaxes, makes us reflect, but also stimulates the imagination or motivates us to act, but above all gives us joy. Not for nothing were the sayings "music plays", ...

Language and Art Program

Artistic classes give the opportunity to develop skills and interests, and in combination with learning foreign languages, they allow for development in these areas in a natural way. It can be said that exercises during classes significantly help to shape traits in the child's psyche, such as sensitivity to beauty, imagination, sense of aesthetics, visual memory, creativity, ...

We invite you to full-time classes preparing for the matura exam in Polish 2021/2022                    

Have you ever wondered what emotions are for Children and how they express them? Emotions include joy, excitement, fear, anger, and anger. With full awareness, it can be said that emotions play a very important role in human life, it is important to emphasize that just like other skills, also expanding ...

By creating curricula, we combine business with pleasure! And not only we get this pleasure, but most of all our pupils. We select teaching techniques in such a way that learning becomes a pleasure, and the tools used develop not only language learning skills, but also other areas. It is often said that ...