The programs we present could not, of course, be without MEDICINE. 

Due to the fact that we focus on certain professions of an uncertain future, we have created a dedicated curriculum for the medical industry.

It is said that health is the most important thing! And it really is! We think so too!

The father of medicine is Hippocrates. Medicine is a field known since antiquity. People have always been interested in the body and its functioning, as well as in diseases and, above all, in trying to heal them.

We cannot imagine the present, and even more so, future times without the participation of medicine in the development of mankind. 

We want to build awareness in this area because the medical industry is a considerable challenge, both for its employees, i.e. doctors, nurses, medical caregivers, and employers, i.e. hospitals, clinics and companies providing care services, especially in today's difficult and unpredictable times. It is one of the fastest growing sectors, and therefore it is necessary to constantly expand knowledge and skills, also in the field of linguistics.

In the program, we expand the expressions and medical issues, including the industry vocabulary necessary to perform current duties in contact with medical staff, patients or their families, and at the same time develop self-confidence.  

We wish you good health and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Academy's offer at



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