Another industry that we propose in our curriculum is the industry that has developed in recent years not only at the fastest pace, but also in the most effective way.

It can be said that the IT industry is the future of the future!

Although it sounds unconventional, and to some even irrational, it is the truest truth.

IT, or information technology, is an area without which we as people and we as entrepreneurs are not able to function these days, and today every field requires IT support. The IT industry is on the border between IT and telecommunications.

It can be said that professionalism in the virtual IT world gives unlimited opportunities for development and stability of employment. However, to be a specialist in this field, you have to take into account that programming languages ​​are often written in a foreign language. Therefore, there is no other industry in which knowledge of a foreign language is of key importance.

Every day of work, IT specialists use a whole range of tools that help in the processing and storage of information and, at the same time, in securing data and presenting it in a modern and interesting way, allowing for uninteresting analysis.

The goal of the IT industry is to integrate all departments of this field of knowledge. Its task is also to enrich IT with valuable elements, taken, among others, from the world of new media or telecommunications. In the IT industry, we deal not only with computers, but also with a whole range of different types of programming and software.

There is a simple dependency that the computer does not run without a program, and the program does not run without a computer.

In our curriculum, we teach specialized vocabulary that is used on a daily basis and is necessary to find yourself in the IT environment.

In a world that is increasingly absorbed by automation, it is worth investing in skills that are unique to people and set them apart. It is soft skills that give us an advantage over machines. That is why we train in public speaking during meetings or trainings, industry conferences and everyday work with the client.

Meticulousness and organization of our own work are very important elements of the IT industry, which is why we develop planning, scheduling and implementation competences, including, above all, the important correct documentation, implementation of projects and reporting on the stages of their implementation.

What is very important today in any one organization is providing professional technical and substantive support in the field of IT. Everyday activities cannot be done without this type of support, which is why it is one of the key elements of the curriculum.

IT is not E.T. only the reality that surrounds us! Let yourself be carried away into the world of virtual reality with our Academy.



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