In the last article, we wrote about the enormous importance of MEDICINE and why it is one of the areas in which we have prepared the training. An area that is like no other connected with MEDICINE is PHARMACY, i.e. a team of drug science. 

Pharmaceutical science has always been associated with very demanding higher education and work in pharmacies. Today, this concept takes on a completely different meaning, more and more often it brings to mind work in international pharmaceutical companies, where almost perfect knowledge of a foreign language is necessary.

We know how important it is for the functioning of society. It is thanks to PHARMACY that we have measures to help fight diseases, fight for health! That is why we want to participate in this fight by supporting education in this area.

As part of the program, we offer training in cooperation with foreign-language staff and the development of specialist vocabulary and expressions to facilitate functioning in this industry.

We organize classes in such a way as to develop practical contact with doctors and patients during meetings during the course.

To facilitate the operation in FARMACY, we educate in the field of commercial presentation or consulting, and in operational areas, we train in creating and concluding contracts, accounting and reporting, and correspondence.

Thinking about all current or future pharmacists, as well as representatives of pharmaceutical companies or other employees of this sector, we have created an offer that meets the needs of the labor market.

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