We know very well that security is a very important element in both private and professional life.

There are several determinants of safety, and one of the most important is the law, which sets patterns of behavior that should be respected by society and defines the rules of responsibility for their violation.

The legal department is a guarantee of security in every company or institution. It is an area that requires constant education, keeping your finger on the pulse of the current provisions of law, not only national, but above all EU and international.

To illuminate the environment of broadly understood legal provisions, we have prepared a curriculum in the field of LAW. This is another industry that is always up-to-date and we train from there!

The law has its own rules and even has its own specialized language. One of the elements of the program is learning the legal vocabulary.

We train in running your own business in accordance with applicable law, as well as in the provisions related to the employment of employees. 

We live in an international environment and that will not change anymore!

Every day, running a business, we are forced to adapt to the reality that surrounds us. For the security of business development, a very important area are international economic transactions, which are one of the training points.

One of the key elements not only of this training, but above all of each area of ​​business activity, are contracts concluded in various areas, with various contractors, which must be concluded in accordance with applicable regulations and, at the same time, in accordance with the business guarantee. That is why concluding contracts is one of the most important areas that we emphasize when learning. 

The consumer and the environment, law and protection are two important links that need to be taken care of. The links without which the business machine will never function! We teach consumer law and environmental protection! These are two areas that are useful even in private life.

We train in handling orders and in the field of public services and international public law. 

We develop all of the above-mentioned areas during the training in accordance with the synergy with the foreign language. 

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