Today we present another industry in the field of which we train is TSL.

Transport! Shipping! Logistics! It is an industry that has experienced significant development in the current difficult times, which limit the freedom of economic activity.

The development of the broadly understood Logistics during the pandemic has shown that this industry provides professional security. That is why it is worth developing in this direction.

Logistics is an area that we meet in everyday life. From planning the whole day, to ordering the wardrobe with clothes or storing food products in the refrigerator!

It is also an industry in which the ability to use foreign languages ​​is a very important aspect nowadays.

Having this knowledge, together with experts, we have prepared a specialized training in the field of basic customer service in the TSL industry and a commercial presentation. All this using a foreign language.

We train in what is one of the key quality indicators in this industry, i.e. planning, preparation of action schedules, implementation and control, as well as settlement of services and reporting.

We teach business correspondence and a very important aspect, which is the conclusion of commercial contracts for the implementation of logistic services, containing the principles of providing services or remuneration principles.

Logistics was, is and will be! We are unable to function as a society excluding logistics. Invest your time in our program and spread your wings! Now is the best time! 

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