The construction industry in Poland is still an undeveloped fragment of the market. 

This is an area where there is always a demand for civil engineers. This is due to the fact that a lot is being built in our country, and the investments drive the rapid development of the industry. Construction on a micro scale generates a lot of jobs, which makes the related studies attractive.

As you probably guessed, another industry we train in is się domyślacie kolejną branżą, z której szkolimy jest CONSTRUCTION.

In addition to a very specialized substantive education, a highly developed skill of logical thinking, analyzing and predicting the effects of decisions made is required. Usually, cooperation with investors and subcontractors takes place in a foreign language, therefore it is necessary to know it.

An important element not only in construction, but in most professions in which you work in operational teams, is the ability to manage a team, and this is one of the areas in our program.

A distinctive feature of this industry is the ability to work with projects. Therefore, the training could not miss such an important scope as keeping project documentation, planning and scheduling the execution of subsequent stages of work, as well as implementation and control.

In addition to technical and quality conditions, time is a very important factor in this industry. Consequently, the key are organizational skills, which we also develop during the implementation of the program in the field of ongoing verification and acceptance of subcontractors' work, accounting and reporting, and maintaining a constant relationship with investors.

We teach how to create and conclude contracts in an operationally secure manner and we train you in handling correspondence.

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