867 / 5000 Wyniki tłumaczenia We are very pleased to announce that today the e-book "Safe Style. Safe." Is premiered. How to feel confident and attractive? Stories of Successful Women ”by Beata Syktus, which is available at https://sklepbeatasyktus.pl, w którym zostaliśmy wyróżnieni jako Branżowa Szkoła Języków Obcych Language of Change oraz Niedźwiadkowo, które w całości korzysta z planu nauczania stworzonego przez naszą Akademię.

We are happy that we can inspire other women and co-create this project, motivating them to act in the field of running their own business!

We encourage all ladies! Especially on such a special day as "Women's Day" because you are all special! To reach for inspiration to feel confident and attractive today!

On this day, we wish you perseverance and a smile in achieving your goals! Remember that you want to be able to!





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