As personnel development is, of course, the field of HR - HUMAN RESOURCES!

We have created an industry curriculum in the area of ​​HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT.

The HR department is a team that is an indispensable link in the functioning of any organization. The HR unit is responsible for managing the potential of the employed employees. For HR, the focus is always on people with their skills and knowledge, people as a whole and capital!

As part of the program HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - HR, we propose the development of competences in the field of completing employee documentation and keeping personal files. It is one of the key elements of any organization. Archiving and managing information and databases in a complete and secure manner is the basis for the functioning of any enterprise, especially in an international environment.

Preparation of reports, summaries and analyzes for the internal needs of the company will allow for a deep analysis of the current employment status or impact on business activities. We know perfectly well that the greatest cost of the employer is the cost of human capital. Optimal management in this area has a direct impact on financial results.

Transparency facilitates operation in any organization, which is why it is so important to create scopes of duties and rights for employees. Everyone should know what they are responsible for and to what extent. Our program places great emphasis in this area.

We train to prepare basic contracts in the field of labor law. We know that actions must be correlated with applicable law so as not to expose ourselves to unnecessary consequences.

Recruitment is one of the basic tasks of the HR unit in the company. That is why we educate in this area how to analyze staffing needs, plan the recruitment process, conduct job analysis, create job advertisements and complete documentation related to the entire recruitment process. 

The HR industry is mainly work in a human environment where communication is a tool necessary in everyday operations, and investment in employee development is the primary goal. In the program, we build the confidence of participants, and through practical exercises, we teach how to conduct presentations and coordinate training.

To build professionalism, we educate in the area of ​​conducting official business correspondence.

The form of the entire curriculum is selected in such a way as to prepare for a role in an international environment.

We encourage you to develop your competences with us !!






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