Development is our motto, and change is our motto!

Thanks to industry programs, we develop and change our participants!

Another industry that was, is and will continue to be, because it is a key element of every enterprise's activity, is ACCOUNTING. ACCOUNTANCY.

Employees in this sector are responsible for the financial continuity and formal order of the institution. However, more and more often, due to international cooperation or the employment of employees under the laws of another country, it is necessary to know a foreign language. The work environment is increasingly international! And that won't change anymore!

Accounting is one of the elements of accounting. It is a system of economic records, consisting in the registration of events that had an impact on changes in the assets of the managing unit, also specifying its sources of financing. Defining accounting in a more accessible language, it can be said that it is keeping books and documentation, which includes receipts, expenses and all transactions that are important for the company's financial condition

Have you ever wondered who is an accountant?

An accountant is a person without whom no business activity can function, which has separate assets. Often referred to jokingly as the gray eminence, the boss's right hand or PIT. It is through his hands that all documents that have anything to do with the finances of the entity pass. This is a person who holds a position where you need to educate yourself throughout your career, mainly through changing regulations and laws.

The program prepared by our Academy develops in the area of ​​full accounting in accordance with applicable regulations. We teach how to prepare financial statements, reports and other information for internal and external needs in such a way that they guarantee compliance with the Accounting Act and tax laws.

We know that knowledge of applicable laws and regulations is essential in this industry. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on education in this area in order to be able to explain and consolidate the method of operation in the current reality.

The program also includes elements of keeping registers required by the provisions of the balance sheet and tax law and, at the same time, the preparation of tax returns (VAT, VAT-EU, CIT, PIT, PCC, GUS).

In the past, all accounting books were kept in paper form. Fortunately, nowadays, there are tools that facilitate bookkeeping. Therefore, we teach how to enter accounting documents into the financial and accounting program, document control and accounting, as well as analysis and reconciliation of settlements.

Keeping the company's assets is also a record of fixed assets, which we also train.

We educate in the field of circulation and settlement of accounting invoices, posting bank statements or contacting external institutions such as, for example, Tax Offices.

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